M8 IBC Ultra Black Glass-Glass 390 | 400W

IBC n Night Ultra Black Glass 390W


The latest generation of solar panels from Belinus.

The brand new solar panel from Belinus is manufactured with the IBC and glass-glass technology and provides with an ultra-high efficiency of no less than 21.6%. The ultra-black design provides an elegant look and status on your roof.

The benefits

Longer warranty

Glass-glass solar panels have an all-in-one warranty of no less than 35 years.


Due to their double layer of glass, the solar panels are stronger than glass-film solar panels.


The glass-glass solar panels contain solar panels on both the front and back.

Exclusive technology

Belinus' M8 IBC Ultra Black Glass panel uses the most exclusive technology on the market. With IBC, the solar cells are placed on the back of the panel. As a result, the panels achieve higher efficiencies than standard solar panels. 

In addition, we were recently named "Top Brand PV 2022" in Belgium in the module category by EUPD Research, a renowned market research company headquartered in Bonn, Germany.

Suitable for installation on


Private roofs

solar panel 4

Commercial and industrial

Technical data

Belinus Solar has received the "Top Brand PV 2022 Belgium" award

Belinus specialises in the research, development and production of innovative ultra-efficient ultra-black solar double glazing, home battery and BIPV solutions.